Premium Adirondack Furniture Collection


The Adirondack Furniture Collection

Our rendition of the classic Adirondack style incorporates everything you want in your outdoor furniture. Handmade with care in Charlottesville, VA, this furniture has the good looks as well as extreme durability. Beginning with local aromatic Eastern Red Cedar, each piece is hand selected and milled to perfection. One-by-one each piece is assembled with our high quality standards in mind. Expect 20+ years of relaxation from this furniture!


Quality features:

• 1″ thick cedar is used for every part. This provides 33% more strength and durability over the typical 3/4″ design for a longer lasting product.

• Lifetime guaranteed exterior grade wood screws that never rust.

• Waterproof exterior grade wood glue for permanent bonds.

Aesthetic features:

• Rounded edges provide a unique and very attractive addition.

•Smooth, sanded finish.

Comfort features:

• Classic design is one which naturally cradles the body with it’s laid-back feel.

•Meticulous modifications were made to produce the final design to provide a product that everyone will be comfortable in.

•Gently curved back places the shoulders in the most comfortable position.


All furniture comes assembled and sealed with a low-voc outdoor finish for maximum longevity. Available unfinished upon request.


INTRODUCING THE NEW ADIRONDACK LINE: A few exciting new changes to our Adirondack furniture collection: Seats are 1-1/2″ wider, backs are 4″ taller and use a 6 slat design with wider slats, and there are now no visible screws on any furniture! Shown are last years models with new photos coming soon.

Adirondack Settee

Cedar Adirondack Settee front
Cedar Adirondack Settee side
Adirondack Settee Top
Cedar Adirondack Glider detail
Adirondack Settee
Adirondack Settee Glider
Grab your favorite person and a glass of tea and you are ready to relax in the summer breeze. Prefer wine? No problem! Or sit alone and let the open seat be an open invitation for company.

Measurements: Width: 70″ Depth: 38″ Height: 41″

Weight: Settee – 70lbs / Settee Glider – 85lbs

Adirondack Settee: $550 / Settee Glider: $650

Adirondack Loveseat 

Adirondack Glider Front
Adirondack Glider Side
Cedar Adirondack Glider back
Adirondack Glider Top
Adirondack Glider Detail

You don’t need to sit still to relax with this very enjoyable glider. Same comfortable design as the chair and settee, but with the added bonus of the gentle glide. Features all stainless steel hardware including the ball bearing hinges for an incredibly smooth ride.

Measurements: Width: 51″ Depth: 38″ Height: 42-1/2″

Weight: Loveseat – 59lbs / Loveseat Glider – 72lbs

Adirondack Loveseat: $450 / Loveseat glider: $545

Adirondack Chair

Cedar Adirondack Chair front
Cedar Adirondack Chair side
Cedar Adirondack Chair back
Cedar Adirondack Chair top
Octagonal Cedar Picnic Table birdseye
Adirondack chairs on the lake
Classic design meets modern appeal. Our design incorporates a curved fan back, wide arms and stylistic curves for a chair that feels as good as it looks!

Measurements: Width: 32-1/2″ Depth: 38″ Height” 41″

Weight: Chair – 24lbs / Glider Chair – 33lbs

Adirondack Chair: $250 / Glider chair: $340


Adirondack Recliner Chair

Adirondack Recliner position 1
Cedar Adirondack Recliner position 2
Adirondack Recliner position 3
Adirondack Recliner Top
Cedar Adirondack Recliner front
Cedar Adirondack Recliner back
Adirondack Recliner Detail
This is the same as the basic Adirondack Chair, with a twist. The adjustable back offers 4 positions to choose from! You may find yourself reclining farther back as the day goes on.

Measurements: Width: 32-1/2″ Depth: 38″ Height” 41″

Weight: 27lbs

Adirondack Recliner: $290


 Adirondack Chair for Kids


A chair for the kids too! Adirondack Kids chair: $185


 Adirondack Table

Cedar Adirondack Side Table top
Cedar Adirondack Side Table side
Cedar Adirondack Side Table front


The arms of the chairs are plenty wide to set a drink on, but what if you want some spinach and artichoke dip to go with it? That bowl is going to be hot! The perfect addition to that new chair.

Measurements: Width: 18-1/2″ Depth: 30″ Height: 18″

Weight: 13lbs

Adirondack table: $125


 Adirondack Ottoman

Cedar Adirondack Ottoman side
Cedar Adirondack ottoman back
Cedar Adirondack ottoman front
Let’s face it, the chair just feels better with your feet up!

Width: 20-1/2″ Depth: 17″ Height: 13″

Weight: 9lbs

Adirondack Ottoman: $75